Seamwork Magazine is my new Favorite Source for Patterns and Sewing Tips!

Earlier this year, I discovered a new source of inspirations and clothes and accessory patterns: Seamwork online magazine. In addition to lots of information on garment sewing (covering fabrics, tips, and style) two times per month, you get two downloadable patterns per month! If you don’t care for the issue’s patterns, it is no problem, don’t download them and can bank the two credits or use them on patterns that came out before you joined.

Seamwork patterns are mostly for women, but they do have an occasional pattern for men. They do not produce children’s sized  patterns. You can download the patterns to your own computer, and they mark every pattern digitally. That is a great feature, because when I want t sew something it makes it so easy to browse the patterns to pick something new to sew. The patterns are digital so you can download any pattern master as many times as you want,* any time of day or night and seven days a week, which suits my sewing style just fine.

Maybe the best thing for a plus size lady like me is that all women’s patterns are available in sizes 0 – 3X! (the men’s patterns are available to an equally large spread of sizes. This allows me to sew for my daughters and daughter-in-law, sisters and sister-in-laws, and the grandkids who run a whole gamut of sizes for which I sew. You can use these patterns to make things for your family, for gifts or for sale, but you cannot sell the patterns themselves.

You can also use your Seamwork pattern credits to select Colette patterns, if you enter their catalog through the Seamwork site. Those patterns, however, are offered in a narrower range of sizes and take more than one credit each to purchase. They do offer some beautiful patterns and are worth checking out.

Interested in trying Seamwork magazine?

Use this link below to get a Free Month. (Including 2 pattern credits) by using the link below. If you like it, they will give your first month 1/2 too. It is a great deal to try a great service! To be perfectly up front with you — they give me a free month when you try it for a month when you subscribe!



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