In the Beginning: I didn’t intend to become a Hoarder!

Last Spring, I was trying to make a devoted seamstress & crafter of my 10 year-old grand daughter, Victoria, until I finally got fed up with the mess called my sewing room. It was just too hard to move around in my crowded space when it was a such a mess. While it is hard and exhausting for me to try to create in my messy space, it is impossible to try to have the two of us working together in it. Calling it a mess was actually putting it politely. My youngest daughter swears she is going to nominate me for “Hoarders: Buried Alive.”  It really looked like a fabric store had exploded and spewed fabric, trims, ribbons and patterns all over the place! I decided to get organized once and for all! As a result I decided to reorganize my space.







My sewing room before organization and fabric diet begins.


To be honest, it wasn’t the first time I made such a promise to myself and probably won’t be the last attempt to get my sewing space under control and organized once and for all. Like most sewing enthusiasts, I fight between the two sides of my personality: the free-spirited, creative side and my calculating, neat-freak side. Unfortunately, my free-spirited, creative side almost always wins. So getting organized is a constant battle, one that I have been losing for some 50 years now. This blog is going to be about my effort to par down the stash that creates the biggest part of my challenge. I plan to show my attempts at conquering my ……to organize and use up my incredible stash. In this blog, I’ll share organizing ideas and stash busting projects as well as the bigger project every sewists faces such as Halloween costumes, formals, curtains and all those other projects we choose or are asked to complete. I hope you will read and comment on my musings, share your own ideas and the projects you are working on and hope I will be able to offer goodies to my readers from time to time.


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